Budgit® I-Beam Hook Suspension Trolley providing a quick, easy way to lift and transport materials from place to place. Budgit® trolleys require little effort to traverse even when loaded to capacity.
Unit of Measure



N/A Budgit®


N/A 1/2 t

Flange Range

N/A 8 to 10 in

Minimum Radius Curve

N/A 48 in

Mounting Type

N/A Hook

Spark Resistant

N/A true

Wheel Diameter

N/A 4-15/16 in

Minimum Depth

N/A 7 in


N/A 55 lb

Wheel Material

N/A High-Quality Pressed Steel

Power Source

N/A Manual

Trolley Type

N/A Geared Suspension

Features and Benefits


  • Deeply embossed steel side plates on the 1/4 through 2 ton models provide a high strength to weight ration.
  • Side plates are of wraparound design providing a full face bumper as well as a protective lug which will prevent trolley from falling off I-beam in event of inadvertent wheel axle failure.
  • High-quality pressed steel wheels ensure long life.
  • Spark resistant models have beryllium copper wheels.
  • Built-in ball bearings to provide smooth easy rolling motion and compound tread design.
  • The cross pin connects the side plates and provides equalized wheel loads.
  • Trolley is easily adjustable to fit several sizes of beams by simply shifting cross pin spacer washers from inside to outside of trolley side plate.