Budgit® Series 2200 Air Hoists are small frame air chain hoists featuring accurate load spotting for specialized lifting applications.
Unit of Measure



N/A Budgit®


N/A 3/8 t

Control Type

N/A Pendant Throttle


N/A 15-3/16 in


N/A 10 ft

Lifting Speed

N/A 60 fpm

Mounting Type

N/A Hook


N/A 1

Spark Resistant

N/A Yes


N/A 46 lb

Frame Material

N/A Aluminum

Drive Type

N/A Spur Geared

Line Material

N/A Chain

Power Source

N/A Pneumatic


N/A 2200

List Price

N/A 5036.30 USD

Features and Benefits


  • Rated Loads of 1/4, 1/2 and 1 ton.
  • Pull cord control provides a lightweight, economical hoist for accurate control of loads
  • Pendant throttle control hoists offer ergonomic one-handed controls, for ease of operation
  • Inlet air swivel with built-in strainer provides free hoist movement
  • Aluminum frame and end cover contributes to the lightweight, easily portable and rugged design
  • Heavy duty shoe type brake is a proven design for stopping and holding loads in heavy duty applications
  • External adjustment screws for decreased lift and lower speeds
  • External brake adjustment
  • Limit stops prevent over-travel in upper and lowering directions
  • Equa-torque gearing of alloy steel, heat treated spur gears is accurately machined to provide a close meshed, compact gear reduction
  • Eight-vane motor provides high torque, smooth starting and excellent control
  • Tapped exhaust port 1/2 NPTF for CLEAN applications or to add a supplemental muffler in addition to the built-in muffler for even quieter operation